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What an exciting first day we have all had at Fairplay House.


It was a long bus journey to Fairplay House today. Luckily the air was filled with the sounds of Alex Rider from our class book ‘Stormbreaker’ which made us excited about the adventures we were going to face. As soon as we arrived at Fairplay House, we were put into our rooms. The boys ventured upstairs and the girls downstairs to put their bags in their rooms. After a tasty lunch we then went to our first activity.


Harry’s group were the first into the caves. He was very impressed with how brave Aman was and also how well his group worked together as they moved through the caves. Nicki’s group fired plenty of arrows at targets, providing some thumping great results and Nicki was incredibly impressed with Asia achieving a top score. Kiel was impressed from the wise words Selma provided about challenging themselves as well as Jack’s resilience during the activities in the woods. Bridie’s group climbed on board the swing and were instantly sent flying from a great height. Alex faced his fears in style, supported by his peers.


The nightwalk followed our delicious food (burgers all round!!) The darkness surrounded our intrepid explorers who had only a torch and a pre-discussed map to guide them through the vast Essex countryside, illuminated only by the moonlight! Bridie’s group were first to return followed by Kiel and then Harry rescued Nicki’s group. The final destination for the children was Fairplay House where it was a tasty hot chocolate and then straight to bed… ready for their full day’s worth of activities on Thursday.



Thanks for reading, we hope to have many pupil comments tomorrow about their experience.