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Britannia Education Trust

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JUNE 2017

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JUNE 2020

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At Britannia Education Trust we recognise the huge benefits to staff and pupils offered by ever advancing technologies and fully promote their use in enhancing teaching and learning. The following policy specifies how we intend to use those technologies wisely. 


Acceptable Use Policy (AUP):  Staff agreement form


Covers use of digital technologies in school: i.e. email, Internet, intranet and network resources, learning platform, software, equipment and systems.


  • I will only use the school’s digital technology resources and systems for Professional purposes or for uses deemed ‘reasonable’ by the Head and Trustees.
  • I will not reveal my password(s) to anyone.
  • I will not allow unauthorised individuals to access email / Internet / intranet / network, or other school / LA systems.
  • I will ensure all documents, data etc., are saved, accessed and deleted in accordance with the school’s network and data security and confidentiality protocols.
  • I will not engage in any online activity that may compromise my professional responsibilities.
  • I will only use the approved, secure email system(s) for any school business.
    (Which is currently: LGfL Staffmail)
  • I will only use the approved school email, school MLE or other school approved communication systems with pupils or parents/carers, and only communicate with them on appropriate school business.
  • I will not browse, download or send material that could be considered offensive.
  • I will report any accidental access to, or receipt of inappropriate materials, or filtering breach to the appropriate line manager or the headteacher within 24 hours.
  • I will not download any software or resources from the Internet that can compromise the network, or are not adequately licensed.
  • I will not connect a computer, laptop or other device (including USB flash drive), to the network / Internet that does not have up-to-date anti-virus software, and I will keep any ‘loaned’ equipment up-to-date, using the school’s recommended anti-virus, firewall and other ICT ‘defence’ systems.
  • I will not use personal digital cameras, camera phones or laptops for taking and transferring images of pupils or staff without permission and will not store images at home without permission.
  • I will use the school’s Learning Platform in accordance with school / and London Grid for Learning advice.
  • I will ensure that any private social networking sites / blogs etc that I create or actively contribute to are not in conflict with my professional role and do not breach confidentiality.
  • I agree and accept that any computer, laptop or mobile phone loaned to me by the school, is provided solely to support my professional responsibilities and that I will notify the school of any “significant personal use” as defined by HM Revenue & Customs.
  • I will ensure any confidential data that I wish to transport from one location to another is protected by encryption and that I follow school data security protocols when using any such data at any location.
  • I understand that data protection policy requires that any information seen by me with regard to staff or pupil information, held within the school’s information management system, will be kept private and confidential, EXCEPT when it is deemed necessary that I am required by law to disclose such information to an appropriate authority.
  • I will embed the school’s e-safety curriculum into my teaching.
  • I will only use LA systems in accordance with any corporate policies.
  • I understand that all Internet usage / and network usage can be logged and this information could be made available to my manager on request.
  • I understand that failure to comply with this agreement could lead to disciplinary action.

User Signature

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I remain up-to-date and read and understand the school’s most recent e-safety policies.

I agree to abide by all the points above.

I wish to have an email account; be connected to the Intranet & Internet; be able to use the school’s ICT resources and systems.


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I approve this user to be set-up.


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