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1) Nursery Admissions Information

For information on Newham Education Admission Policies and Procedures and a list of Nurseries/Schools in Newham, please refer to the Newham Website or telephone Pupil Services on 0208 430 2000. You can register at more than one nursery.

How to register your child at Britannia Village Primary School

Following your child’s second birthday and preferably before their third birthday, you should complete a Nursery Enquiry Form, attached below or available from the school office,  and return it in person or by email to We will need to see your child’s original full birth certificate.


Britannia Village Primary School Nursery Admission Policy


Children will be admitted into nursery in the academic year in which they become 4 years of age. The academic year is 1st Sept to 31st Aug.


Admission Criteria:

Priority will be given to

  • Children with assessed special educational needs
  • Children in the care of the Local Authority


The number of spaces in our nursery is limited to 60 – 30 morning and 30 afternoon places. If there are more children than the number of places available, places will be offered as follows:


  • Children who will get one term in nursery before starting primary school
  • Children who will get two terms in nursery (and then three)


In each group we will admit children in this order:


  1. Children who live locally and have a brother or sister at this school
  2. Children who live locally, but do not have a brother or sister at this school
  3. Children who live elsewhere in Newham and have a brother or sister at this school
  4. Children who live elsewhere in Newham, but do not have a brother or sister at this school
  5. All other children


If a decision has to be made between children in one of the groups, a place is given to the child who lives nearest to the school by walking distance. Remaining places would be offered to other children using rules 1, 2, 3 and 4 above. When the nursery cannot offer a place, your child will be put on a waiting list for the relevant group.


Most pupils will be admitted in September and we will contact you during May or June using the details you have provided on the Enquiry Form so you must ensure this information is kept up to date. If we have been unable to contact you by telephone, letter or email by the last working day in June, we will withdraw the place and offer the place to the next child on the waiting list.


Admissions at other times of the year - if we are unable to make contact with you by telephone, letter or email within 10 working days of the first attempt, we will withdraw the place from your child and offer the place to the next child on the waiting list.


When you are offered a place you will have 10 working days to accept/decline after this period, we will withdraw the place from your child and offer the place to the next child on the waiting list.

Where a place has been lost/withdrawn, you would need to re-apply.


What you will need to bring when you are invited to an admission interview:


Proof of:

Acceptable Documents:

child’s date of birth

Full UK Birth Certificate, valid current passport

child’s main residing address

Current Council Tax bill, current housing benefit entitlement, Tenancy agreement, letter from National Asylum Support Service, recent utility bill

parent/guardian details

Documents must be provided to prove you have legal responsibility for the child


If you cannot provide any of these documents, we will need to carry out checks on your behalf, to ensure your child has legal access to education.


Other important things you will need to bring with you:


Your child! This will give your child the opportunity to visit the nursery and meet the staff.

Medical contact information – doctors name, surgery address and telephone number

Emergency contact details – you must provide at least two emergency contacts aged 18 or over

and one of these contacts should ideally speak English. If not, please state which language your contacts speak.


English speaker if you do not speak English to help you complete the forms and translate for you.


Please be aware that supplying any false or deliberately misleading information on an application form and/or supporting documents may make your application invalid – the place could be withdrawn and you could face legal prosecution.


Our Provision

We are an inclusive, non- religious school.


Learning is child initiated through play, in a stimulating, well-resourced and safe environment.


Children will receive a maximum of 3 terms in our Nursery, in the year prior to their Reception year.


Children will receive 15 hours of state provided education, 3 hours per day either morning or afternoon.


Should you be offered a place, you will be given the opportunity of stating your preferred session and we will do our best to accommodate your request, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee ii as decisions will take other factors into account such as male/female ratio, SEN pupil numbers, staffing and other relevant considerations. The Head Teacher’s decision will be final.


The length of the settling in period will vary as some children take longer to settle than others. You may be requested to stay with your child until they are settled. You will be guided through this process by the nursery staff.


Full Time School

Transition to full time Reception is NOT automatic and is determined by the Local Authority. You will need to apply for a place through Newham Pupil Services. If your child attends our nursery you will be given this information at the right time. This information is also available on the school website.

REMEMBER, if you do not apply via Newham your child will not receive a place in full time school.