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Pupil Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy


This agreement will help keep me safe and help me to be fair to others

  1. I learn online – I use the school’s internet and devices for schoolwork, homework and other activities to learn and have fun. I only use apps, sites and games if a trusted adult says I can.
  2. I am creative online – I don’t just spend time on apps, sites and games looking at things from other people; I get creative to learn and make things!
  3. I am a friend online – I won’t share anything that I know another person wouldn’t want shared, or which might upset them. And if I know a friend is worried or needs help, I will remind them to talk to an adult, or even do it for them.
  4. I am a secure online learner – I keep my passwords to myself and reset them if anyone finds them out.
  5. I am careful what I click on – I don’t click on links I don’t expect to see and only download or install things when I know it is safe or has been agreed by trusted adults.
  6. I ask for help if I am scared or worried – I will talk to a trusted adult if anything upsets me or worries me on an app, site or game – it often helps. If I get a funny feeling, I talk about it.
  7. I know it’s not my fault if I see or someone sends me something bad – I don’t need to worry about getting in trouble, but I mustn’t share it. Instead, I will tell someone.
  8. I communicate and collaborate online – with people I know and have met in real life or that a trusted adult knows about.
  9. I know new friends aren’t always who they say they are – I am careful when someone wants to be my friend. Unless I have met them face to face, I can’t be sure who they are. If I want to meet them, I will ask a trusted adult, and never go alone or without telling an adult.
  10. I don’t do public live streams on my own – and only go on a video chat if my trusted adult knows I am doing it and who with.
  11. I tell my parents/carers what I do online – they might not know the app, site or game, but they can still help me when things go wrong, and they want to know what I’m doing.
  12. I am private online – I only give out private information if a trusted adult says it’s okay. This might be my home address, phone number or other personal information that could be used to identify me or my family and friends.
  13. I keep my body to myself online – I never change what I wear in front of a camera and remember that my body is mine and mine only, and I don’t send any photos without checking with a trusted adult.
  14. I say no online if I need to – if I get asked something that makes me worried or upset or just confused, I say no, stop chatting and tell a trusted adult.
  15. I am a rule-follower online – I know that apps, sites and games have rules on how to behave, and some have age restrictions. I follow the rules, only use the ones I am allowed to use, and report bad behaviour.
  16. I am not a bully – I do not post, make or share unkind, hurtful or rude messages/comments and tell my trusted adults if I see these.
  17. I am part of a community – I do not make fun of anyone or exclude them because they are different to me. If I see anyone doing this, I tell a trusted adult.
  18. I respect people’s work – I only edit or delete my own digital work and only use words, pictures or videos from other people if I have their permission or if it is copyright free or has a Creative Commons licence.
  19. I am a researcher online – I use safe search tools approved by my trusted adults. I know I can’t believe everything I see online, know which sites to trust, and know how to double check information I find.


I have read and understood this agreement.

If I have any questions, I will speak to a trusted adult at school.

Outside school, my trusted adults are__________________________________

Signed: _______________________                         Date: ___________________

For parents/carers

If your parents/carers want to find out more, they can read Britannia Education Trust’s full Online Safety Policy (available on our school websites) for more detail on our approach to online safety and links to other relevant policies (e.g. Safeguarding and Behaviour Policies). Your parents will also have been asked to sign an internet safety agreement when you joined the school.