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The Philosophy of the School


At Britannia Village Primary School we aim to provide a stimulating and caring environment in which sex and relationship education should contribute to promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at school and of society and preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


Equal Opportunities

In support of the equal opportunities policy all pupils at Britannia Village Primary School, regardless of age, ability, sex or race will have the same opportunities to benefit from the sex education resources and teaching methods.


Definition of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

Sex and Relationship education is lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development. It is about the understanding of the importance of stable and loving relationships, family life, respect, love and care.

It is also about the teaching of safe sex and sexual health.


Aims and Objectives of the Policy


  • To reassure children of their value and self-worth including aspects of dignity, self respect and self-restraint


  • To nurture a responsible attitude towards personal relationships including aspects of mutual respect and care and to develop sensitivity towards the needs of others encompassing fidelity and loyalty


  • To provide knowledge of loving relationships


  • To provide knowledge of human reproductive processes


  • To inform children on matters of personal hygiene and related health issues


  • To encourage exploration of values and moral issues taking into account physical and moral risks associated with certain behaviour


  • To educate against discrimination and prejudice



Content Headings for School Sex Education Programme


Governors and teaching staff will take particular care to ensure that the teaching materials used will be of a very high quality and that they, and the aspects of the topics covered, will be appropriate to the needs and ages of the pupils at Britannia Village Primary School, within the context of moral considerations and the value of family life.


The content outline is as follows:


Family life                      Loving, caring and supportive relationships and family life.  Information about the wider range of family patterns.  (YN-Y6)


The human body               Biological information about the human body and sexual organs.  The use of proper terminology. (YR-Y6)


Reproduction                    Conception, pregnancy, birth, childcare and

Parenthood at KS1 and lower KS2 in the context of animal life cycles.

                                                 Y5 and Y6 will include human life cycles.


Human development         Childhood and ageing, puberty and adulthood to        include hygiene.  (YR-Y6)


Risks                              Stranger danger, saying no, making your own decisions about your body, touches you don’t like, etc.  (YR-Y6)

Unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) as well as HIV and AIDS (Y6)


Organisation of School Sex Education


Who Will Teach It?

All teaching staff will teach the factual content in the context of science and PHSE.  Teachers will answer children’s direct questions in an open and factual way appropriate to the age of the child.  Teachers will not enter into discussions about personal issues and lifestyles. Staff will seek support from the school nurse if the need arises.


Specific Arrangements

  • Sex education will be taught in mixed sex classes.
  • Children will know that they are free to question further and discuss issues with their own or another teacher.
  • Following whole class teaching sessions Y6 pupils separate in order to discuss issues in single sex groups.
  • Parents are invited to attend a consultation meeting with Y6 teachers in order to discuss the resource material and to alleviate any concerns they may have.

Child Protection

All staff are aware of child protection procedures.

Resources and Criteria Used for their Selection

All resources will be chosen by the Sex Education Coordinator in consultation with teachers and governors. Advice will be taken from area advisers etc. Parents’ comments will be taken into consideration.


Procedures for Reviewing the Effectiveness of the Programme

Staff and governors will review the Sex Education Policy triennially. Parents comments will be considered at each review.


Child Withdrawal Procedures

Sex education at Britannia Village is taught across the curriculum and it is not possible to separate out all of the sex education lessons.  There will however be occasional specific lessons where health or welfare professionals will be invited to address the children in the presence of the class teacher.  Notification will always be sent to parents in advance of such lessons informing them of their right to withdraw their child should they so wish as well as the opportunity to attend a meeting with Y6 parents and teachers.  If a parent wishes to withdraw their child from the lesson, arrangements will be made for the child to be assigned to another class for the duration of the session.


Dissemination of the policy


  • The policy will be available for parents to read in school and copies can be requested


  • The policy will be presented to all staff and a copy made available to them on the school’s MLE


This policy should be read in conjunction with other curriculum statements or policies (Science and PHSCE).


This policy was reviewed and approved by Governors on: Wednesday 21st May. 6:00pm



Review date: 2017