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Members of the Year 5 and 6 STEM Club recently entered their designs for the national Primary Engineer Leaders Award. Over 37,000 children entered the competition with 1,934 entries from London alone. We are delighted to report that four of our pupils achieved distinction in this competition meaning that their designs were in the top one per cent of all entries received:


  • Zuzanna Podolak for her ‘Intelliscale’ designed to make it easier for people with diabetes and those on a diet to access healthy recipes by providing information on different types of food and the quantity they may eat of each food.
  • Samuel Williams for designing a vent in factory chimneys which would convert smoke and CO2 into a disposable liquid.
  • Yuxuan Zhou for his solar powered ‘trash sorter’ that sorts rubbish into recyclable, non-recyclable, harmful and non-harmful categories.
  • Maseray Conteh for her ‘Food Planner’ that enables people to record the food they have eaten each day and which then provides advice on whether their diet needs to be healthier.


Zuzanna was also one of only two Year 6 award winners for the whole of London. She attended an awards ceremony at Kingston University on Friday 6th July with Olaf (one of our Assistant Head Teachers) and her family who were rightly very proud of her! Her design (along with the designs of our other three distinction pupils) was displayed at the university and was viewed by hundreds of visitors.


We are delighted that the designs of four of our children caught the imagination of the distinguished panel of judges from Kingston University and its sponsors. Our thanks to Luke (one of our Year Group Leaders) for supporting the children in producing and refining their designs. Perhaps in the future some of our pupils may design inventions that will change the lives of millions of people!!