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Paris - Kiel's account.

Day 3: Paris

Kiel here, writing all about how amazing your children all are. With temperatures peaking at around 29 degrees, our children tackled the Sacre Coeur (climbing all the way to the top of the dome - a BV first), Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre... to see the Mona Lisa and finally to the Eiffel Tower. The children travelled along the Seine and saw the Statue of Liberty - with only a minimal amount of them concerned that they had travelled too far and were in fact in New York!

Dave Mann and I were really impressed with the children's enthusiasm for the previous day's events and that they had made new friends and really rocked their audience! Apparently they sang in the presence of the Eiffel Tower! Credit to their excellent teachers- Paul, Eleanor and Matt as well as Luke and Linda- May who were doing everything they could to make our Y6 pupils' experience the best that it can be. Dave and I left the group enjoying an ice cream or slushie as they made their way around the back of the Eiffel Tower to 'bust a few moves and sing some songs'. There was a large amount of slushie slurping going on! Paul informed me later that they had arrived safely at the hostel and that they remained ambassadors for our school.