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This morning the children were allowed a much needed lie in after the busyness of yesterday. We breakfasted at around 8:30 and then walked down the road to the local supermarket. Here the children were split into groups of four and allocated 15 euros to spend on their lunch. It was a lesson in independence, budgeting and compromise! There was also a competition to see which group would come back with the most change and the winners managed to get lunch for all of four them for less than seven euros... and they bought raspberries! After that we took the coach to the beautiful town of Ypres. The children ate their lunches sitting in front of the In Flanders Field Museum and then we went inside. There were worksheets for the children to complete and as we know how passionately the children love climbing stairs we let them go to the very top of the belfry tower for amazing views over the town and Belgian countryside. Next we went along to some of the shops including a fantastic Belgian chocolatiers' in which the children had the chance to spend some more of their money (if they had any left after Paris). Then we took the bus back to the hostel and the children showered and packed before heading into Lille for a posh Italian restaurant meal on what is our final night of this amazing trip. The children are all very much looking forward to seeing loved ones tomorrow - you have all been missed!