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After a busy day in Paris and a late return to the Youth Hostel, the pupils had a restful morning. They had a fantastic breakfast, filled their water bottles and headed to our partner school Brunschvig Rousseau. They were greeted by excited pupils at the gate who cheered and then clapped them through their corridors - waving a Union Jack flag.


After a brief tour of the school, it was straight into a rehearsal of their British and French Rock performance. Both sets of pupils did an amazing job, Maseray held her group together well while Zuzanna, Ellie-May, Mariam, Zara and Bianca led the smiles.


Tomi's group did an amazing job of talking through and adapting the routine to fit a different backing track.


One rehearsal later and the show was ready to go!


Following a very healthy lunch which was kindly provided by our French friends, we took our coach to the park where the pupils had an opportunity to relax on the slides and climbing ropes. It was fantastic to see them challenging themselves and making tasks out of the activities at hand. We have some truly agile pupils.


After our time in the park and a stroll through the Paris Gate, we headed to Flunch for an early dinner. This was then followed by the epic joint performance to a host of parents!Everyone did amazingly well and after returning to the hostel to shower, we have packed our bags and are ready for the final encore tomorrow!