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Lille 2017. Day 1...

Day 1 - 


After an early start and a few tearful goodbyes we set off on our French adventure in a luxury coach! The journey to Dover flew by and everyone was very excited despite the lack of sleep. After arriving in Calais we travelled to Vimy Ridge without any problems and were welcomed by a Canadian guide. We learnt about the role the Canadians played in the war and got to walk in real trenches. After that we spent some time in the museum area and had lunch sitting outside. Then we got back into our coach and travelled into Lille for our first look at the hostel we will call home for the next week. It is very clean and secure - we have the whole floor to ourselves and no one else can get onto the floor without a keycard. Next we headed into Lille for a look around and we ate a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Flunch. After dinner we met Laurent, one of the teachers from our French partner school, who took us on a tour of Lille city centre looking at some of the amazing architecture and rich history in the area. The children are now all getting ready for bed and we have some tired legs which will hopefully result in a good night's rest ready for tomorrow. Until then, from all of us in Lille, bon soir!