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Families entitled to Free School Meals

Families who are currently entitled to Free School Meal vouchers under the COVID19 Government voucher scheme, will receive their vouchers in an email through a third party called Wonde.  On 1st April the Government confirmed the weekly amount of £15 per child – this is slightly more than the usual weekly allowance per child for FSM provided in school.  For as long as this scheme continues, we will aim to send out the vouchers weekly – subject to there being no problem which prevents us from doing so.


The vouchers can be used for food in store at either Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s or Tesco.


Please be aware of fraudsters – you will not be asked to provide your bank details for any vouchers, as you will receive these in voucher/code form.


If you think you should qualify but haven't received any vouchers, please go onto the free school meals section of the Newham website where you can make a new application.  Please do not contact the school, as we do not process FSM applications.