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Today's annual Teacher production was disrupted by two elves on a zip-wire!! Shockingly, these sneaky elves had been watching the entire performance! 


The elf saga started several weeks ago when Santa dropped off empty boxes which were a window to the North Pole! Over the next few weeks things had gone missing - in particular poetry books and rhyming words! The elves had also been eating chocolate!! It turns out that the elves wanted to read the poetry so father Christmas asked our pupils to write some amazing poetry!


The morning after they were posted into the gift boxes (which had become heavier and heavier over the past few weeks - due to hard work) two elves appeared on a zip wire suggesting that their work of supplying presents was done! When the children returned to their classes (some were left very messy by these cheeky elves) they discovered presents as well as a card which had been written to them by elves who had read their poems!


It was a magical end to an exciting term at Britannia Village Primary School!