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Day 2 at FairPlay House

Day 2 at Fairplay House started with an early morning room inspection. The girls received high scores ( 9 out of 10) but alas, the boys in some instances only managed 6 out of 10. The children were keen to improve these scores and are hoping that there will be greater success tomorrow. To make you aware, the pupil underneath the duvet cover did make it to his morning activities with a semi-successful duvet effort!


After breakfast and the opportunity to make our own lunches we set off to our morning activities.


Kiel’s group tackled… the swing, which saw his group having to work together to hoist two willing participants led to some excellent expressions and superb video footage which we will try to upload! He was particularly impressed with Jack who faced his fears to tackle the swing twice. After lunch, Kiel’s group went caving where Daniel, Fortune, Tomi and Salma were keen to help each other and finally Benjamin who successfully made it through the legendary ‘squeeze’. There were many proud members within this team. Kiel was also proud of Shannon who had her first day with us today but put all of her effort into everything that was presented to her.


Harry’s group tackled archery and the woods. He was incredibly impressed with his group in the afternoon and how effectively they all worked together despite the wet and gloomy wether He was also impressed with Jahselah - for displaying excellent teamwork skills and zest, she embraced every aspect of her experience and was incredibly helpful to her peers. He was so proud to see her succeed like this! He was also proud of Lilly for stepping out of her comfort zone to lead the group and being very helpful and encouraging to others. Her attitude was great to see. Well done!


Nicki’s group took part in the woods activity as well as the swing. Nicki is constantly stating how proud she is of her group and how well they work together and all that they have achieved. She wanted to mention Mariam- For confronting her fear of heights with such a positive attitude. Mariam said before she went on the big swing, "I will not let scary things overcome me" and she proved herself right! Also Toki- For comforting another member of his group when they were apprehensive about an activity, he's also been very encouraging of others throughout everything we've done! A great team worker!


Bridie’s group took on the caves and archery. She was proud of how well her team worked together and their positivity despite the rain in the afternoon. She wanted to make a special mention for Daniel M - for smashing his fears of small spaces and not just going into the caves but completing the squeeze too! Amazing! Additionally, Bridie wanted to mention Bianca - for being supportive and helpful to everyone, particularly with Alex on the swing. Very impressed with her persuasiveness!


These pupils are merely a snapshot of the achievements made here at the house.


It was fantastic to return to the house and then, after dinner take part in an English lesson involving drama and using experiences of Fairplay house to help with writing. Samson worked incredibly well, formulating some exciting ideas and constantly wishing to develop his vocabulary. Mysha worked diligently along with Ethan and many other superstars. After an awesome English lesson, all of the Fairplay House pupils watched 4/5 of Stormbreaker… with the end to come after they have read the book.

Year 5 are having a great time here at Fairplay House. The instructors are incredibly supportive and friendly. The food is delicious with lovely and warm accommodation, keeping the snow effectively at bay.


The children will be sad to leave tomorrow but we are certain that they have missed their parents!!