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Day 1 at Fairplay House

At last, the Fairplay House excitement started today! We got to the coach on time and arrived safely at the house after a smooth journey. First we were introduced to the instructors and we found out which rooms we would be in! Boys upstairs and girls down. Next we moved our bags, unpacked and then practised a few fire drills before it was time for lunch. After that we split into our groups and started our first activity. For group 1 that involved challenges in the woods, group 2 did caving, group 3 went onto the high ropes and group 4 tackled the big swing. Over the next few days all the groups will take part in all the activities. Dinner was… PIZZA! And before that we had to make our own beds which included putting on the sheets and sorting the pillows and duvets. Some children have clearly had more practice at this than others…….!

After dinner it was time for the infamous Night Walk! Dom gave us the mission briefing using Google Maps and then we were dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a walkie talkie. Luckily we all made it back in one piece and had steaming hot chocolate as our reward before heading back to our rooms for bed. I’m sure we will all sleep well tonight and we’ll update you all with our adventures tomorrow!